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Here is some additional information how the workshop will work:

1. By its nature, most of the runs will be for two people: me and one other.
2. This means we have to spread out the many runs over several weeks.
3. There are workshops on the calendar to indicate times when I will definitely be available. During those events, I will usually be able to work with one or two people, one after the other and sometimes together for the two 3-man battles.
4. If you do not see a good time, or you are failing to get into a scheduled run (sorry!) please contact me to set up a special meeting time. I do expect to run these at additional times, possibly daily.
5. If you are a beginner, your first run will take about an hour because of the initial coaching (we’ll take some time to study the big battle panel together, and get an idea of our goals). After that, battles tend to be around 20 minutes and you learn on-the-fly.

There are two categories of participants, and which you are in will affect when you get to go:
Eaglets: first timers who need a lot of explanations and coaching.
Elder Eagles: who already know the instances and are looking to get help gaining platinums and ranking up.

Eaglets get a bit of a priority at first, to get them launched from the nest, but this will even out. I’ll be running these as scheduled events for several weeks. After that, I will be available to work with people who request it. And, we have several kinnies who have offered to be helpers if needed, so we should be able to accomodate everyone.

Note: The workshop is for duo and 3-man runs. Six man are not included but will be done as kin runs.

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