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      Hi, I’m going to be running workshop events a couple of times a week for a while. In order to know who/what/when (I already know why and how), I’m asking interested parties to send me an in-game mail with this information, or post to this thread:

      1. Are you working on promotion points for your class traits, or are you working on your rank, or both? Or you want to join just for fun or volunteer as a helper? Or, you have never done any battles before?
      2. What battles do you need? Send a list with Battle Name and SIZE. Hint: battles with open or low medals. Battles for which you have platinum will not advance you further.
      3. What day/time is best for you? (important for the 3 man and 6 man schedule)
      4. Discord is Required. Please say if you feel this is an issue for you personally.

      For people who are new to these battles:
      You can start at level 10 and the battle scales you to 100 when you enter.
      I teach all the mechanics and tricks in a relaxed environment.
      I rank you up. Once you have rank 3 you are very useful in any kin run. Your rank can be as high as any cap player’s.
      Contact me for further explanation.

      You can do a tutorial which is offered at the boar fountain in Bree, but it is not required for this workshop.

      Your comrade-in-arms,

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      Hmmm.. my first question was “what’s an epic battle?” Then after googling, I went ‘ooo”..

      1. Never before
      2. I have no idea
      3. Probably best on weekends.. Hardly see any of you during the week and patchy then too. I’m GMT +10 and can try to plan. I think there can a bit of a quirk in your Friday may be part of my Saturday, etc.

      4. By Discord, do you mean voice or chat? I can do listen if needed.

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      Thanks for this Sere. Epic Battles are fun and give great jewellery for your level until you get top-tier level. I am happy to help whenever I can and have a few holes on a few characters. The one I need on all characters is the 12-man raid. I look forward to having enough folks ready to do that one and get all those extra points!!

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      I’ve had several requests, so I’m starting to work on some ”reservations” for people. Because the early ones are going to be duo, I can take one person per session. I am putting some times when I am available on the calendar, and people can mail me and claim one for themselves.

      That said, this is going to run several weeks, so don’t feel pressured to get them all done at once. Generally, two runs per meeting is about the right amount (they are often 20 minutes each, with a couple of exceptions).

      There is a Helms Deep set and a War for Gondor set.

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      1. I got Guardian/RK that didn’t do anything and a Beorning with 36 points from Pelargir 6-men, so I need everything with these 3 toons. If we are going 6-men or something that would require more promotion points for ‘platinums’, I can help with other toons, no problem! ;)
      2. Since I didn’t do anything with them, I’ll need it all in the correct order to unlock it all if I remembre correctly.
      3. Monday/Wed after 20h30 and other days of the week at night (anytime) are better, but I can try to be online at in the morning if needed.
      4. Discord ready to go! :D


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      Here is some additional information how the workshop will work:

      1. By its nature, most of the runs will be for two people: me and one other.
      2. This means we have to spread out the many runs over several weeks.
      3. There are workshops on the calendar to indicate times when I will definitely be available. During those events, I will usually be able to work with one or two people, one after the other and sometimes together for the two 3-man battles.
      4. If you do not see a good time, or you are failing to get into a scheduled run (sorry!) please contact me to set up a special meeting time. I do expect to run these at additional times, possibly daily.
      5. If you are a beginner, your first run will take about an hour because of the initial coaching (we’ll take some time to study the big battle panel together, and get an idea of our goals). After that, battles tend to be around 20 minutes and you learn on-the-fly.

      There are two categories of participants, and which you are in will affect when you get to go:
      Eaglets: first timers who need a lot of explanations and coaching.
      Elder Eagles: who already know the instances and are looking to get help gaining platinums and ranking up.

      Eaglets get a bit of a priority at first, to get them launched from the nest, but this will even out. I’ll be running these as scheduled events for several weeks. After that, I will be available to work with people who request it. And, we have several kinnies who have offered to be helpers if needed, so we should be able to accomodate everyone.

      Note: The workshop is for duo and 3-man runs. Six man are not included but will be done as kin runs.

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