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If you’re thinking of standing for one of the positions then you’ll need to know what the roles involve. Here’s the info!

Officers – Must have been in the Eagles 3 months prior to the first day of the new term
• Help out/mentor kinnies when you can
• Run at least 1 event per month
• Use Discord and Gmail (for calendar and other tools)
• Attend monthly officer meeting
• Help maintain kinship chests
• Foster feelings of friendship, harmony, and fun among all members
As an international kinship, our goal is to have at least one officer in each time zone. However, we know that depends on who decides to run. If you are active and from a non-Western Hemisphere time zone, please consider running.

Council Officers – Must have been an officer in the last year
⦁ Participate in policy-making and decisions about the kinship’s direction
⦁ Support the Leader when requested
⦁ Support other officers in their official activities
⦁ Recruit new kinnies
⦁ All officer duties
If there is no kin leader during a term, then council officers share the leadership duties, and fill the kin leader role on a rotation basis.

Leader – Must have been a Council Officer in the last year
⦁ Responsible for direction and viability of the kinship
⦁ Encourage discussions regarding proposals for the kinship
⦁ Encourage and mentor officers
⦁ Assign specific duties to other officers
⦁ Run the monthly officer meeting
⦁ Establish and lead the election cycle
⦁ All Council Officer Duties

Any questions? Contact one of the officers in game or in Discord or leave a question here!

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