2017 June Election Step 1: Announcement

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      My Dearest Beagles,

      The election time is upon us. We are a democratically run kinship, so now is your opportunity to exercise your democratics!

      The position for Leader and supporting officers will be filled via the election process.

      For leader, you need to have been in the Eagles for at least five months and have had experience as an officer in the Eagles or another kinship. You must also fight me in Zirakzigil to the death.1

      For officer roles, you need to have been in the Eagles for at least three months. And for both types of positions, you need to have energy and enthusiasm! You must also best me in a drinking competition at the tavern above the Twenty First Hall.2

      The schedule for elections is as follows:

      June 3rd – 12th: Nominations are open.
      June 13th – 22nd: Campaigning.
      June 23rd – 30th: Elections.
      July 1st: Inauguration and much partaying at the partaying kinship house.

      The schedule milestones will be added to the calendar. And we will keep you updated via the forum and newsletter at each stage. There will be detailed information about officer roles in the next couple of days.

      Best Fishies,


      1 this step is optional.
      2 this step is optional.

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