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      There are a few useful tricks that I have picked up in my small amount of time I have been playing LOTRO. I am hoping that you will find them just as useful as I do.


      From Bree to Rivendel, but not back again.

      Many of you have been given the quest, Road to Lonely Mountain, from Gandalf. It so happens this quest can only be completed, it is a series of instance quests, unless you have the Rohan Expansion. I know, seems like a bumming deal but you can take advantage of this.

      Upon getting the quest, you are transported to Rivendel and instructed to talk to Elrond. Skip talking to the Half-Elven and cancel the quest. Now, when you are in Bree, and need a free lift to Rivendel, you need only seek out Gandalf and accept the quest, and once again, cancel it upon arriving in Rivendel.

      It a little sad that it is only one way travel, but to be honest, it is better than no travel.

      My bags are ALWAYS full and would you look at that mess!

      There is not a lot I can say about bags getting full, mine do all the time. I can however keep them in order mostly.

      When you loot objects and corpses, the system sends all new items to the lowest number bag with an open space, bag 1 is where it all starts. Well, all good heroes carry those things that they would be caught dead without, Food, potions, scrolls, tools and alternative weapons. Since all new stuff goes in the lowest numbered bags, place all the needed equipment in the highest number bag. This will keep junk out of your provisions, for the most part, thus making it easier to sort out things later.

      If you have done all your tasks for the day, sell all your task items, don’t store them or carry them any longer than you have to. Trust me, you WILL get more task items and they will pile up quickly.

      What I love to hate about farming.

      Everyone that has ever farmed crops has voiced a dislike for it….I know I have. I found a few things, very few, that make it a little better. First, set your loot options to “Always loot all”. You can find this setting in options. (ESC->UI Interface->Always loot all (make it checked)) You might want to do this anyway, since it will make life a lot easier out in wilds. Next, I have found it works best, plant 8 fields at a time. It is in my experience that you can plant and harvest 8 fields without losing any to timeout. Finally, I love this because it is much easier than clicking, when harvesting use the DEL key (target nearest object) and U key (use targeted object). This key-stroke combination makes it just a little easier, in my opinion, in the harvesting phase.


      That is all I can think of at this moment. I am hoping that I was clear and this is of some help to you in your adventures. I hope, in the future, there will be more I can contribute.

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      Thanks for that Ketiel. I’m certainly going to try the farming select and use shortcuts. I worked out the loot all option a while ago (I don’t have it set all the time because my bags are always too full…) but selecting the next crop is really tricky using a mouse. It’s like there’s a square of precisely 4 pixels where you need to click to harvest the crop. *sigh*

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