A new room in Bree!

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      If you haven’t seen it already it’s called the Lore hall and is close to the cat lady’s house in Bree. The relevance of this new room will become apparent in the next paragraph.

      Signum Unversity and the Mythgard Institute will be doing a course on LotR with a twist. They’re going to do it on location i.e. in game in LotRO. The course will be lead by Dr. Corey Olsen aka Tolkien Professor!

      The course will rotate on a different server each week every Tuesday at 9PM EST via twitch. Fear not if you can’t make this time, archives of the course will be available on youtube. Next Tuesday (10th) will be hosted on Crickhollow (this week’s was on Landroval).

      More details can be found here: http://mythgard.org/activities/mythgard-on-lotro/exploring-lotr/

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      Hamesh (Ame)

      oh cool! someone mentioned this to me, and i tried to tune into the twitch feed….but i’m a newbie when it comes to twitch. Youtube i can handle, so i might be viewing the archives, lol! anyway thanks for the info on how and where!

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      It is cool. I’m the same way Ame. I tune into twitch most of the time but usually watch the youtube channel. Next tuesday he’s going to be on arkenstone for the class. :)

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      His podcast series is fantastic – especially the Silmarillion ones

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      Ah, I missed him on both the servers I’m on! D:

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