Chicken Run Part Deux! Saturday 15th 3PM Server Time

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      What: Chicken Run! This time we ain’t yoking!
      When: Saturday 3PM Server time with alternative times to be announced if we can get people to volunteer run them (send Luringdad an in-game mail if interested in doing this)
      Where: Sandson’s Farm, Shire.


      • Get the Prerequisites complete.
      • Meet at Sandson’s Farm, Shire (first road on the left when you leave Michel Delving)
      • Setup Ventillo

      The following information was shameless stolen from Neem’s awesome coursera post, but the information is still relevant.


      Prerequisites: To participate in this weekend’s activity, players must have completed the 4 quest/instances below.

      1.Quest: Which Laid First?

      2.Quest and session play instance: The Early Bird?

      3.Quest and session play instance: The Sky is Falling.


      4.Session play instance: Flying the Coop (time limit 1 hour)

      Note: Starting location for all is Sandson’s Farm.

      Not sure what any of this means? Ok, no worries:

      What is Chicken Run?
      It is part of the chicken session play where players become a level 1 chicken that can then run around Middle Earth. Chicken session play is part of a quest line, which you have to unlock, and begins in The Shire at Sandson’s Farm, north of Michael Delving.

      Chicken run event: Flying the Coop-Trollshaws
      Instance: Flying the Coop-Trollshaws

      Challenge: To run from Sandson’s farm in the Shire to Rivendell, in the Trollshaws (a level 30+ area), as a level 1 chicken without dying. Once in Rivendell, you need to talk to Roheryn, a horse at the stables.

      o You will have some skills: Fowl fleetness, possum impersonation, paranoia, bob and weave.
      o There is a time limit: 2 hours 30 minutes
      o If you die you return to Sandson’s farm as your main player
      o Communication: you will be unable to talk to regular players (those that may accompany you as protection and guides) but you can speak to other chickens via a common chat channel e.g. the coursera chat channel.

      On the day
      Meeting place: Sandson’s Farm, Shire.
      Note: If players have trouble finding Sandson’s farm, head to Michael Delving and we can send an officer to collect you.

      Bonus: install Ventillo or setup in-game chat.

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