Corruptions — Why and How

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      The current group of endgame instances have returned corruptions to the fore. I have found that a review really helps for the Pelennor dailies. If you are running those, I suggest getting reacquainted with your corruption removal skills. It will greatly restrict the effectiveness of mobs and bosses.

      What is a corruption? It’s buff that a mob puts on himself, or receives from his allies, that strengthens his damage, or his mitigations, or enhances his battle techniques. You can tell he has one by mousing over his buff icons: it will be labeled “corruption” in the description. I’m adding an example that shows a dps buff that the adds get in Silent Street. “Here: (click here) on this page, take a good look at the description and the benefits those particular mobs (defiled noblemen and women) get.

      When you see a corruption, it’s time to use your corruption removal skill. All classes have at least one, many have two of them. If you have only one, it probably has a low cooldown. Just mouse over your skills and look for the note that it removes one corruption. Try to find two and know where they are in your rotation. Examples would be minstrel’s Piercing Cry and guardian’s Sting.

      An example of a great time to use these would be the final boss in Quays of Harlond. Once he stacks five of his -20% damage mitigations, he absorbs everything you throw at him. This makes the fight really long. The only reason you make progress is that some of the removal skills are common fighting skills already in your rotation and you are unknowingly taking 1 corruption off every now and then. Try spamming the skill and see how much faster the fight goes.

      If a buff does not say “corruption” in the description then you cannot remove it by this means, and must look for another way the boss is acquiring it. An example of that would be that he is maybe stronger because his minions are close to him and they need to be promptly dispatched when they arrive.

      Having a caller for corruptions is great if the fight really relies on removing them. Anyone with the boss directly targeted should be able to do this, and ideally this person would call it out in voice so others can react.

      Happy hunting.

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      Hamesh (Ame)

      Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been told about corruptions, mostly told to remove corruptions, but I never understood how they worked. And usually had to fumble around looking for my corruption removal skill.

      I’ve now made a point to find my corruption removal skills on each class I play. Another useful skill to find is interruption. When a foe has an orange ring underneath them, they are inducing and you may be able to interrupt that induction. I first learned to recognize this ring when fighting a dragon roving threat – the ring is really big!

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