Difficult to come on LOTRO

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      Hey Kinnies, How is everyone doing? hope everyone is ok, Just wanted to hope on and say Hi and also inform that it has been very difficult to come on LOTRO, as have been very busy with my university studies and its has been draining me very badly also have my first test comes on 14th of December so have to prepare for it! Anyways i will try and see after my exams if i can hope on during the Christmas period as i will have 2 weeks of holidays!
      Anyways hope everyone is having fun and i will try hoping on in here as much as i can until then happy questing and own Sauron! :D

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      Good luck with your studies, Gigglo! I look forward to seeing you next time you are on.



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      Hey Giggs,
      Good luck for your exam!
      Thanks for letting us know, we miss you, and be happy to see you back as soon as you can :)

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      Thanks Gui, hopefully will do my level best!
      Thanks Mirv, yeah as soon as i am done i will try to come on at least for some time :D
      i just had one request if the transfer does happen for our server please do let me know via mail cause sometimes i might not be able to come on here, which i will always try to do so but if i couldn’t then do email me i don’t want to be left out :P which i know you won’t hee hee!
      Thanks and happy questing!

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      The transfer is likely to happen during the 3rd week of December, but it’s not official. In any case, we’ll let you know!

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      Executive Producer

      On Monday December 7th we will open transfers off of Vilya.

      At this time we will also be closing free transfers off of Brandywine and Evernight and switching to Arkenstone and Gwaihir.

      Tuesday Dec 8th we will be opening transfers off of Meneldor completing the US closing worlds.”

Viewing 5 reply threads
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