Draigoch's Lair Map

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      I am attaching my sketch of the Draigoch map which I hope helps everyone see the overall idea.

      1. A.B,C,D are where the guardian tanks the head. You will see a dragon sketched at each one to show where Draig will line up.

      2. Based on guard’s dot, you can see where head is and predict where feet will be. The color of the tank position is the same color as the tunnel to run to find the feet that correspond to that position. The thick lines are the tunnels containing feet, where groups will be working.

      3. The dotted lines are extra tunnels to the top ring to help guardian faster, but otherwise no one in the group should use it.

      4. “Drop” is where we land when we fall through the floor. The orange line is always the first set of feet.

      5. Draigoch will change position after every two defeated feet. Get to bottom ring, wait, and watch where guardian is now holding head, and run around to that.

      6. To move around the circle, recommend to run in the bottom ring (keeping inside the walls), where you will find next set of rear feet. Move halfway up the tunnel for front feet if needed, and then come back to the bottom again to find where next position will be. Do not use the top of the tunnels to run the ring, as that is where the head appears and tank is working, and the bottom ring is faster anyway.

      I hope this helps a bit.

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      Thanks Sere for this! It’s a great map. I hope I’ll be able to better find my way next time. I won’t be able to be on Saturday evening though :(, but maybe Friday.

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