DwarFest 2016

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      DwarFest is the first Eagles’ Dwarf-only event*. It combined the Dwarvish favourite past times of riding goats, drinking and fightin” with athletics style competition(!) To add a bit of variety fishing and running were thrown in. Surprisingly they were not thrown back out.

      The first event was a race from top of the ramp inside the gate to Thorin’s Hall to the top of the ramp to the Throne. Before you set off from each ramp, you needed to drink an ale.

      I’ve got wonderful bruises to remind me of the race.

      The next event was fishing. There were two competitions; catch the rarest trophy fish or the most fish.

      A few drinks later and it was time to start fighting or rather sparring.

      I think quite a few of us had drunk so many ales, that the act of throwing a punch was a feat in itself. I gathered that some of the attendees even managed to punch themselves rather than their opponent. I shall wear my black eye with pride.

      * – Myself and Mae were made honourary Dwarves so we could participate. The kindness of Dwarves is so often frequently over looked. I will never forget this special moment *tears up*.

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      More happysnaps

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      Lovely photos. Looks like it was a great success. So sad that my newest toon (a Dwarf) had to miss it because Wi-Fi isn’t free at the Lima airport (*grumble grumble*).


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      Thanks for the happysnaps, Luri! :) I’m glad we were able to celebrate our Dwarven friends.

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