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      Hi Eagles,

      This week’s Eaglestock saw us drunkardly sway from our Bree Homestead kin house, and travel to our second kinship neighbourhood in Falathorn: Lanc Trenarn.

      The Housing committee have been very busy trying to find a second neighbourhood where Eagles can set up home and take over the place! Many Eagles already have homes in Locktry but as we’re growing, so is the demand for housing, and unfortunately Locktry is jam-packed (mostly with Eagles!).

      So the Housing committee have found a great spot within the Lanc Trenarn neighbourhood of the Falathorn Homestead, in Ered Luin, which has several houses still up for sale.

      Eagles drank from the keg in our kin house and made their way to the second homestead. Drac and Gell were luckily ported to Falathorn while I ended up on a dangerous island in Forochel! We had a few races, trying to find the homes of our kinnies who have already set up home in Falathorn, and were even there to celebrate Gell moving in to her new home on Fairwood Lane.

      Fairwood Lane and Haven Way have a mix of small and deluxe houses up for grabs! There are also 2 small homes on the picturesque Waterbank Road.

      Picture: Aurlik, Gell, Shus, Aglarwen and Neem.

      Drac and Gui also came along for the fun.


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