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      Here is an alternate method for earning kindred with the Eglain (which grants you the skill “Return to Ost Guruth”). I have used it on alts for which I don’t want to run all the Lone Lands quests anymore. The map skill is handy if you don’t have Bree travel, as it hooks up to both Bree and Rivendell and more points beyond!

      For the cost of 21.60, you can purchase a Request for hearty onion soups which will then let you turn in two soups and earn a total of 1400 reputation. The soups are not very expensive to make, and can be made by anyone (they are not bound). I routinely cook up a big stack and let an alt go up to Ost Guruth and turn them in 2 at a time. I have not used reputation accelerators while doing this (yet), but I suspect that you could crank this up to 2800 rep for every Request order if you used those (please test before investing).

      It takes a little time, as you can only use one purchase order at a time and have to cycle through them one by one as you stand there (they are ”unique” items so you can only have one in your pack at a time). And of course, the cost adds up. So consider those factors before you get started! Of course, if you have never experienced the Lone Lands in their entirety, I encourage you to do that at least once, instead of using this shortcut!

      If you do not have a cook, there is probably a kinnie who can oblige with the cooking or farming, and might even find it useful if they are leveling those tiers.

      Happy trails!

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      Ooooh, I’ll do this for all my alts. None of them are at Kindred with the Eglain. For everyone wanting a link to more info on that quest, here it is:–_Hearty_Onion_Soup.

      Thanks, Sere!!!


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