Farming Stars in Deeping Coomb

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      Stars of merit can be farmed with little effort in the Deeping Coomb big battle, where the npc’s are kind enough to run the instance on their own. This means you can run it with as little or as much participation as you feel you want to put into it, and you will always get a minimum of two gift boxes per run, sometimes 3. The npc’s can also platinum one of the quests for you. This all means you can go in and do some basic set up (below) and then go semi or fully afk. You won’t get a lot of stars, but if you aren’t having to sit at the screen for it, it is a fair trade-off. And, you also have a chance for a blemished symbol (I’ve gotten a couple a week with this method). You can actually run it twice in a day and still get the quests you didn’t get last time, but not a box for the instance.

      There are two scenarios in every bb run. You will need to know which combo you are getting, but fortunately they announce it in the first minute or so with the below (paraphrased) shouts:
      A: “They are attacking the Hornburg!!” = Defilers in the Water and A Pillage Denied.
      B: “They are attacking the Glittering Caves!!” = Prepare to Fall Back, Searching the Debris.

      Method 1 for either scenario: The “I have no time because I have to fix dinner” method: you just go in and run to the left and set the very last commander on the left to 2 hander (because in all the run that is the only banner that ever gets destroyed, ever). Then go afk and come back in 20 minutes. Do stay with the soldiers. It’s possible to be defeated in Searching the Debris if you stay at the log-in point.

      Method 2: “I got the Hornburg set, what do I do?” — go ahead and set the 2h on the far left, of course. Then, let it go on its own. In this scenario, you will always fail Defilers because the npc cannot run it alone. But, good news is that you didn’t have to sit at your screen for 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can leave the sound up and listen for when the Defilers are announced and go back in and kill them all yourself, so you get the third box.

      Method 3: “I got the Glittering Caves attack, what do I do?” — set your 2h on the left and then decide how important it is get a possible platinum on Prepare to Fall Back. This might be valuable to you or it might not. Here are both ways:
      No platinum but still with a box: Set all three commanders on the left side of the screen with 2h. You might get a box with just one or two set, but let’s be sure since setup goes fast.
      Platinum on quest (usually): Set all three commanders on left side with 2h. In between those cooldowns, set up three barricades in a vertical end-to-end column at the left side opening and pointing into the left side battle area (see pic below). Arm all of them with spears. This will make mobs have to run vertically along them and take tons of damage, most of them will be dead or half dead before they ever reach the quest area.
      On Searching the Debris: you will never platinum without full participation from you, so no setup is needed if you are going afk. You WILL get a box though because npc’s can win it to some degree.

      So, what do you get for this exactly? Two to three boxes and some marks for quest completions. Also, a LOT of xp if you are still under the cap. Keep in mind that a box is a box is a box … meaning you don’t get better loot if you do better on a quest. I have gotten plenty of blemished symbols on bronze performance. Also, when you first run the instance you will get a lot of stars. Later, you will only get about 20 to 30 per run. Is it worth it then? I ran this way for a few months, and built up to 8,000 stars at one point. I find it very handy to keep stars on hand for extra bartering (for starlit crystals or scrolls of empowerment).

      I am attaching a file of my barricade setup that is mentioned above.

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