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      I was in a group recently where the leader gave instructions for the fellowship maneuvers because she anticipated it as a long power-draining fight. And she was right. I think the wipe happened when it did because we had a healer down without power for a long time. But the odd thing is that we had several chances to power the healer up with a string of maneuvers close together … yet, almost no one clicked on them. On talking to people, there were several reasons why they did not participate. So, let’s see what we can do about those problems.

      Reasons to use a maneuver (aka, FM, CJ (conjunction): These days, the power regeneration is still highly usable. There is also some use for green and yellow, in my humble opinion, but not so much for red. But power, yes. Power can save you. With no power, you cannot fight. Keep everyone at full power and you can win. Also, there will come a day when you are in an instance that actually requires CJ’s in order to succeed. Use these other times to get the hang of it. You don’t want to go into Draigoch (for example) with an unclear understanding of the mechanics.

      Reasons maneuvers don’t get used:
      1. The ”cool” kids don’t think they are any good, or I’ve been told they are dumb: since when do we do something just because world chat disses it?
      2. They freeze me on screen when I could be fighting: you have six seconds to hit your color. You can count down and do it near the end with only a brief freeze.
      3. I’m in an induction and can’t get to it: Perfectly acceptable if it an important induction (such as a heal). Otherwise, take a step forward, break your bow draw for pete’s sake, and do the cj.
      4. I don’t personally need the cj: you are in a group. Someone in your group needs it. Help them. Be part of the group.
      5. I don’t know how to do a maneuver!

      So, let’s talk about #5.
      When a maneuver/cj pops on screen, you either see the color wheel or you see the re-targeting button that will open the wheel for you. The one you see will depend on what you are targeting. The re-targeter just directs you to where the cj is happening. Bottom line: punch something!
      Click to see the re-targeter
      Click to see the wheel

      6. I can’t see the color wheel or retargeter on my screen! Using ctrl\ move the “maneuver display” to the center of your screen. You won’t miss it. You might also need to move the “maneuver attempt” out from under your radar map, but I don’t suggest putting it where it obstructs your view. It should be up top in the center. If a single-color maneuver is being done, you don’t need to see it anyway. The display is the critical thing.

      7. The game didn’t show it to me in time / lagged out: Them’s the breaks, kiddo.

      Summary of effects of single-color wheels (I won’t go into the joys or methods for the combos):
      1. Power: you can effectively power up every person to full on a cj. You need minimum two consecutive blues at the start for it to feed the group. If there is only one, it is weak and goes just to the person who clicked it.
      2. Health: The green work the same way with health regen. Can save you in a pinch, if more than one pitches in. Not so commonly used but still does the trick.
      3. Yellow: Bleeds the target. Useful on very large adversaries where the fight will go on long enough for the bleed to work. It can help, but not critical. Hasn’t been properly scaled to give a huge effect, but still contributes over time.
      4. Red: this is a single hit, also interrupts. This is rarely used because it has not been scaled to give the exponential damage increase it used to. But can be fun to do. Generally, don’t waste your time.

      Uh oh, you hit the wrong color? Or maybe you put it in the wrong place (Okay, so you MUST use red, odd colors go at the END where they don’t disrupt the main sequence). You can pull it out by taking a step forward or backward, and possibly be able to change to another color. But, at the least, take it out if it is in the middle of the main color the leader requested. If you break the colors up, you don’t get the big effect. Your single color won’t do much, though, and it will affect only you. There is synergy and increased returns in joining the big maneuver.

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      Thank you, Sere :-),

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