Gear Swapping at 105

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      With the advent of 18.2, an opportunity has opened up that can make gearing a little bit easier for people playing multiple toons.

      The two-slotted armour that has been dropping the featured instances, and also the two-slotted jewelry pieces that both drop and are available for barter with long lost coins, are all Bind to Account now. And they stay that way even after they have been equipped and slotted. I tested this out this morning with my hunter and minstrel, and my minnie was able to wear my hunter’s gear. In other words, they did not bind to toon on first equip.

      This could work very well particularly for pairs of toons needing the same base stats (ie, will, agility, might classes). But even that is not a barrier if you really, really need to temporarily run a toon with a jewelry piece with morale on it, it might not hurt to take an agility piece on your will toon if that’s all you have and the tradeoff for morale is worth it in a difficult instance.

      I’m happy that I won’t have to gear every single piece separately for my burg/hunter and minnie/LM pairs. And I thank Shus for pointing me in the right direction on jewelry this morning.

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