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      Our scholars at the Eagles of Thorondor School O’Lore have been hard at work and have crafted this mighty tome!


      Hello Eagles! These lists are to help you lead a successful and fun event. Even though many Eagles are experienced, best not to assume everyone in your event knows their role in an instance. So please use these lists – and provide Ame with any feedback to improve them!

      Pre-Event Checklist

      ✔ I’ve studied the mechanics and roles needed for my event
      ✔ I’ve scheduled my event on the Eagles calendar
      ✔ I have hope tokens and battle/warding scrolls
      ✔ I have food and potions
      ✔ My gear is repaired

      Pre-Flight Checklist

      ✔ Ask participants to hide cloaks and shoes to reduce lag, and to repair their gear
      ✔ Assign roles: tank(s), healer(s) and give them markers
      ✔ Put up target assists
      ✔ Give overview of instance mechanics, including tactics for mobs, bosses, adds, debuffs etc, as appropriate for your instance
      ✔ Remind everyone to follow tank, and to not start fight until leader gives the go-ahead
      ✔ Let people know whether to retreat or wait for rez
      ✔ For skirm, tell people what type of soldier to use as needed
      ✔ For BBs, assign side quests, vanguard, officer duties, etc
      ✔ Group buffs up with token, scrolls, food
      ✔ Check that everyone is ready


      Shorten URL: http://bit.ly/raid-checklist

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