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      Hey guys,

      I know it’s been a while and this post is MONTHS overdue but for those of you that were about when I was playing I hope you’re all well and I apologise for disappearing what must be half a year ago, now. Please forgive me :) Things remain pretty crazy busy on my end but I am still subscribed to the forums so have been getting some updates in my email and lately I find myself thinking of you all and wondering how things are going.

      I’d love to come back to the game soon if time will allow it. I see that the elections are coming up already; time goes so quickly – good luck to everyone involved :)

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      Welcome back Kali!

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      Hi Kali! It’s lovely to hear from you again! I hope you make it back in game soon; it would be great to see you. :)

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      Thanks both. :) I will try and set some time aside this weekend to patch the game and pop my head in to say hi !

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      Hamesh (Ame)

      Thanks for letting us know what’s been going on! Hope you can squeeze in a little time for the game…but be warned – lots of changes and new content!

      Hope to see you soon!


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