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      Hey peepycheeps,

      Just thought I would pop in as I have a spare moment and have filled out my profile. Thanks Saed for help with the case of the missing WordPress email!

      If you’re wondering why I havent logged into the game of late, I’m currently holidaying with my parents who are visiting from NZ. We have driven about 1100 miles so far all around the UK, over a period of not quite two weeks and still have another two and a half weeks to go. Our stays are getting slightly longer now in various places so I might be able to pop online as soon as we find somewhere with a good internet connection, but if not – I will be back after!!

      Hope everyone that was on Coursera with me did excellently and are pleased with their results!

      See you soon

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      Hello Kali,

      That sounds like a lovely (though busy) trip! I hope you and your parents are enjoying visiting and seeing the sights. Thanks for the update – we’ll see you soon.



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