How to Open Reclamation in Imlad Morgul (for gear barter)

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      First, the benefit of opening Reclamation: to earn Embers, which you can use to barter for some nice teal, slotted gear.

      Now, to get the Imland Morgul Reclamation Dailies and Weeklies open, you must complete this Deed: “Quests of Imlad Morgul and Morgul Besieged”. Before then, you can go into and run all the instances for the chest loot, but you won’t get the benefit of relic cases (for rep advancement) or weekly embers.

      To complete it, you must do following deeds, in any order (except that Thuringwath always follows the Minas Morgul quests):

      Quests of Morgul Besieged: any 50 quests (make sure to use some bounty quests)
      Quests of Cirith Ungol: any 20 quests
      Quests of Minas Morgul: Complete the 10-quest chain of each of the six circles.
      Quests of Rath Duath: any 25 quests
      Quests of Thuringwath: any 8 quests

      You will then get notified to report to Echad Uial to start the Reclamation quests.
      Note that the quests for all of the above cannot be Black Book quests, they must be the local zone quests.

      Happy Adventuring

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