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      Below are some screenshots of how to enter Discord on your browser. This allows you to join our groups and to read our guides and announcements without actually installing anything on your computer. All you need is to bookmark the page and have a username and password.

      If you are not planning to install the app, please take some time to bookmark the page and look around a bit. It is courteous to your group leader to be able to hear instructions during an event. You will be able to hear but not speak if you use the browser (except when the browser is the active window, instead of your game).

      If you have any problems, concerns or questions, please contact an officer! We are good listeners.

      Step 1: go to
      Step 2: set up a username and password
      Step 3: you should be at our server page. If you are offered the choice to download, skip it and select to use the webpage version.
      Step 4. Have a look around. Some areas of interest have been highlighted on the picture below.

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