How to use plugins (Mac OSX)

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      I’ll assume you’ve got Mavericks (you’ll need to google how to show Library directory in older versions):

      We’ll use the incredibly useful Daily Tasks plugin, that will help you keep track of task items you can complete (it’s Alt aware so you reuse your task items that you’ve levelled out of)
      1 – Using Finder, go to your home directory (this is usually matches your user name)
      2 – Go to Gears icons and select “Show View options” (shortcut is CMD-J)
      3 – Check “Show Library Folder”
      4 – The Library folder should now appear, select it and navigate to Application Support:com.turbine.lotroclient
      5 – If you do not have a directory called Plugins, create one
      6 – Download the DailyTasks plugin from here
      7 – In your Downloads directory you should find a folder called Vinny, if not look for a zip with the named Open this zip file and copy the folder called Vinny.
      8 – Paste this folder into your Plugins directory
      9 – Start up LotRO (you may need to restart LotRO if you were logged in whilst following these instructions).

      The following are specific to the DailyTasks plugin, but the principles for loading should be the same.

      10 – Choose your character
      11 – in your chat window type /plugins load dailytasks
      12 – to view the items you can complete use /dtc

      Troubleshooting tips
      If LotRO keeps crashing it’s likely your last plugin is badly written, check for a new version or contact the author for more help. If you want to unload all plugins (there’s option to selectively unload plugins) type: /plugins unload

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      Hamesh (Ame)

      Hi, Luringdad! Very good instructions on how to load this plugin. It’s working! I still need to explore how best to use its features. I found a list of commands on the developers post:

      Thanks again for the help!

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      Hi! I’m quite a newbie in LOTRO (not exactly, but i cant’t play often) and I’ve just discovered there is a bunch of plugins available.
      Can you recommend me a few? what are your favourites plugins?
      Thanks in advance

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      Hi Mindundir,

      My favourite plugins are Daily Tasks reference, Alt Inventory and Travel Window!

      Please share any plugins you find useful too!

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      Hamesh (Ame)

      Hi, Min – Another plugin I recently started using is Crafting Companion. Very helpful in sorting out ingredients and what you need to make certain things or achieve certain crafting levels.

      Hope to see you in game!


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      Thank you Luringdad and Ametrina!
      I’ve tried Daily Tasks reference and I like it a lot. However Crafting Companion doesn’t work here (W8 version). I’ll best investigate!

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