Ill Omens

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      Some clarifications on the Ill Omens event:

      1. You need to do 12 days of Ill Omens during the month-long event in order to get the special token to barter for the portent.
      2. The skirmishes change every day, so you can skip some days if you don’t like the ones offered, just don’t run out of time for the 12 sets.
      3. You can run them at tier 1 at 8 levels below your own. This makes them go very fast.
      4. Once you kill the harbinger, you can leave without finishing the skirmish.
      5. There is a T3 deed which is a good bit harder to do, and you should duo with someone. A trio group is much harder than a duo. The six man is a lot harder than the trio. A duo seems to be the sweet spot for deed
      6. On the T3 deed, you may do the T1 3-man version of Survival in the Barrow Downs and it will give you credit on the deed.
      7. There are other deeds to do, but they happen along the way as you do your 12-day rotation.
      8. The T3 deed doesn’t reopen every year, so consider if you want to wait and do it next year. It might be possible to do half of it this year and finish it next year (if deed stays open, same as other deeds). However, I have not tested this out.
      9. In any given day, you do the list that Nedda Pinleaf offers you, minus one. So, some days you are doing 4 out of 5 skirmishes, and on others you do 3 out of 4. You cannot get credit for a harbinger on a deed after you finish the day’s quest, though you may (possibly) accompany and help someone else on it.

      Have fun!

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