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      A message from my friend, ‘A’. I thought I’d post them here in case anyone wanted to get familiar with some runs or how he set up his Guardian. He’s mainly soloing in these, but even watching then may be helpful so that you’re at least familiar with the run before you enter, even if you’re not soloing. He asked for any suggestions on his videos to be posted on YT. He said he’d love feedback. Haha. If you’re not interested, no worries, he’d still love sharing the videos to help you!


      Hey, if you want to you can spread these around for people to learn about the instances and Guardians in general.

      Sambrog – Challenge (7:40)

      School – Easy (3:19)

      School – Challenge (6:04)

      Library – Easy (5:59)

      Library – Challenge (7:00)

      The Library Challenge video contains a portion of me switching between builds, so that both my regular dps build and my single target while being pounded build are shown for a few seconds. Feel free to share these videos, and be sure to mention that people can comment if they have questions, and like if they like them ;)

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