January 2020 Eagles Election

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      Election time is quickly approaching!

      For those who recently joined the kin – we hold elections every 6 months for the leadership positions. Please read the position requirements and timeline for further information. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be in an election position, let us know!

      Requirements to run for leader/officer:

      For officer, you need to have been in the Eagles for at least 3 months. Energy, enthusiasm, and a strong commitment to the code of conduct are necessary!

      For council officer, it is recommended to have previously been an officer in the Eagles within the last year. Taking initiative to better the kin and volunteering to fill any gaps are key attributes.

      For leader, you must have been in the Eagles for at least 5 months and have been an officer in the Eagles within the last year.

      Further details on time commitments, responsibilities and behaviour are explained in the next post below. Nominations, campaigning and voting are all done on the Eagles web site.

      Jan 3 – nominations option
      Jan 17 – voting opens
      Jan 31 – voting closes
      Feb 1 – inauguration at kin house

      If you have any questions or are interested in running, please contact one of the council officers or [email protected].

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      The Leader and all Officers are expected to abide by, respect, and embody the code of conduct as a bare minimum. Beyond that, they are expected to represent the kin well, responsibly, and respectfully at all times because they are the public face of the kinship.

      One of the strengths of the Eagles is how all the officers work in support of each other as a team.

      Leader (1 position available)

      Per Turbine’s rules, a kin leader is the sole person with the power to promote/demote members to officers, and to disband the kinship (No, never!). Leadership of the Eagles includes all the responsibilities of Council Officers, plus:

      ⦁ Expected to play 10 hours per week (on average) on kin toons
      ⦁ Must have been an Officer of the Eagles in the last year
      ⦁ Works to create and/or maintain an alliance/strategic partnerships with other kinships
      ⦁ Takes charge of leading and encouraging discussions regarding proposals for the kinship as needed and may perform or assign other duties as well, including leading organization for the next election

      Council Officers (3 positions available)

      Council officers have all the duties of regular officers, plus supporting the leader in decision-making as well as maintaining and improving the health of the kinship. Being a council officer isn’t just about agreeing to perform a specific duty and doing it well; it’s about demonstrating initiative in taking care of the health of the kin, and about demonstrating solid judgement in doing so.

      If there is no kin leader during a term, then council officers share the leadership duties, and fill the kin leader role on a rotation basis.

      ⦁ Recommended to have been an officer in the Eagles in the last year
      ⦁ Expected to play 7 hours per week (on average) on kin toons
      ⦁ Help maintain the Kinship House Chest (sort donations, sell overflow etc.)
      ⦁ Provide a point of contact for kinnies/officers wishing to run events; keep the event calendar updated and let people know if there is a conflict with proposed dates
      ⦁ Announce upcoming events
      ⦁ Update MOTD with upcoming event + freebie
      ⦁ Manage the recruits/alts/promos tracker (Google Sheets), and promote kinnies and alts when appropriate
      ⦁ Run, lead, or assist with leading at least one event per week, such as a social gathering, deed run, instance, or any other fun group activity for kin members
      ⦁ Run a scheduled event once a month (choose event and add to calendar in advance)
      ⦁ Help recruit new players to the kinship
      ⦁ Must maintain an officer gmail account and check it and is expected to reply to messages within a week, barring emergencies.

      Officers (6 positions available)

      ⦁ Expected to play 6 hours per week (on average) on kin toons
      ⦁ Help out kinnies in the game as you can, such as answering questions, helping on a quest, and so on
      ⦁ Lead or assist with leading at least one event per month, such as a social gathering, deed run, instance, or any other fun group activity for kin members
      ⦁ Participate in group activities regularly
      ⦁ Recruit players who request to join
      ⦁ Know the Eagles Code of Conduct and coach other players as needed

      As an international kinship, our goal is to have at least one officer in each time zone. However, we know that depends on who decides to run. If you are active and from a non-Western Hemisphere time zone, please consider running.

      Any questions? Contact one of the council officers, or email the officers at [email protected].

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