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      Hey Eagles and Sard, I have left the game, because my computer couldn’t handle it anymore all of a sudden last couple of weeks really, my fan was running really loud, like an airplane glider..even when I went into my bios. I’m not sure if it’s all this southern california heat or what..but if I get into another game it will be WoW…at some point when I take a break from it I will come back..and finish that last level..:) Sorry I couldn’t stay, but idk if it can even handle that yet..a couple of my WoW friends, that I’ve been friend’s with for years. Really expect me to come back..One of them is my guild leader and the other used to be an officer of his guild..she’s my buddy :) we will both be going back to it next month..Have fun and fly where no eagle dares!! Good Luck to you on your Adventures :)


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      Thanks for letting us know, Phay. I hope we see you in game again someday!

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      Hamesh (Ame)

      Thanks so much for letting us know, Phay! Hope the computer issues get sorted out…and enjoy WOW with your buddies.


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      Best wishes, Phay.


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