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      Our ally Ippe of Dwellers of the Old Forest wrote up this Midsummer Festival guide for us on Discord. Reposting here for posterity:

      Start by getting the 10 from City Stables, then do City Stables horse-tending. That’s 1

      Go to 2nd circle, there’s a man who needs 3 ingredients, get it, you need it later.

      Go to the High Stables and complete picking up bottles and shooing noisy people before going up, that’s 2.

      At the top pick up both floral arrangements, To the last drop, maybe the cook’s quest and Wedding supplies, they can be done while doing others.

      Go 1 level down and I think it was The house of lore, complete 1 of the floral arrangements and while you’re there, Wayward verses. That’s 4 when you go to the top again to finish the arrangement.

      Take stable master near the spot where the other floral arrangements are place them there, then proceed to Blue theatre, complete any objectives you may have on the way there

      In Blue theatre, place the flowers and guide the musicians to backstage. That’s 6 for that arrangement quest is completed as you place them all.

      Go to the stable master that’s near gardener and worried woman, the hound and the ring is the shortest quest in the entire event, talk to the gardener and get the ingredient for the man in 2nd circle as well + do the gardening quest. That’s 8.

      Go get the rest of the ingredients, which takes you to the cook-lady, pass the treats to guards and finish that one and you should have the ingredients as well for finishing. That’s the 10

      Can be done in various ways, like combining To the last drop with the minstrels in that are there + all the other tasks you got and finished on the way. Make sure to save up those quests you have to be finished but not needed for the 10 for the next day, saves up a lot of time then.

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