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      Things I wish I had known when I entered Mordor, but couldn’t find expressed very clearly in guides or the wiki:

      1. Gorgoroth Loot-boxes and Black Keys:
      While you are leveling these start to seem like trash because they are everywhere and keys are only available in the store. Just mail them to an alt as you get them. Once you are doing allegiance dailies, you can get one key a day through a quest. And they can have some nice gear in them.

      2. Allegiance:
      At 110, just go ahead and join one. There is no need to over think it. The only difference in the allegiances is the story that each one tells about what each race is up to after the War of the Ring.

      Your allegiance tab is in your reputation panel. Click and claim your points as you get them and it will advance your allegiance rep.

      Technically, you don’t have to run the story quests from your allegiance hall (I haven’t done the final one yet, so I may have to update this). They don’t seem to open anything else, or give points or anything. And you don’t have to run them as soon as you get them, you will still get allegiance points. You can save them and do the chain all at once if you like.

      Your allegiance hall gives you a travel skill that takes you to the hall. It has a five minute cooldown. There is an npc at the door with fast travel to Talath Urui in Mordor, where you can then stable to any other Mordor point. Very handy way to get around.

      3. Dailies:
      Don’t even worry about these. Once you get to “30” allegiance points and (I believe you fulfill the ”meta”, see below), things will open up. Until then, it’s a waste of energy to try to figure them out. Just keep leveling. You won’t miss anything.

      When you finish your allegiance, you will get a quest to visit your Organizer at your hall. He is standing next to a bulletin board. At this point, you can start taking all those weekly and daily quests you have heard about.

      Dailies: FOR BLACK KEY. Now is the time to get a key every day and start opening those Gorgoroth quests. You can accept ALL the quests on the board, but you will only do four of them to get the daily key. They are solo, and so far, seem insanely easy.

      Dailies: ALLEGIANCE BOX, second reward for the four dailies is a 2,000 point allegiance box that is bound to account. You can use it for an alt, and I am reasonably sure you can use it for your second allegiance on same toon (I haven’t done that yet).

      Weeklies: I will have to post further. If anyone can add about those, it would be great. All I know right now is that you get a “master quest” to do five instances in one week, and you get something called a Pristine box, which is teal in color, so I would expect it to produce higher rewards than the Gorgoroth boxes. I would like to know when the weekly resets … anyone?

      3. Pages of Lore:
      Yes, do these. You will get allegiance points as you complete each set. Some of them are not solo, but many are. Get someone to help you with the hard ones. Locations can be found in the wiki (see Walk-through tabs for the interactive map coords).

      4. Rare Mordor Treasures
      There are five chests in each zone area. They are often guarded. Many are approachable, some of very hard. You can only take each chest ONCE for each toon. Popular wisdom is to bank them and open when you are 115 to get a chance at 115 gear. I cannot say if that is true, but I did it anyway. Locations can be found in the wiki.

      5. The Meta Deed:
      The hidden meta you hear about is to complete the below chains. It seems to be required for allegiance, but I’m not sure if that is true. Anyway, you would do them anyway because each gives you an allegiance point box. They are:
      The Black Book of Mordor, chapter 4
      A Solemn Gatherinng (in Udun)
      What Was Spoken and Revealed (Udun)
      Into the Abyss (Dor Amarth, at Barad Dur)
      Aiglos (Dor Amarth)
      Eyes in the Dark (Lhingris, Cirth Ungol)
      Under the Fires of Orodruin (Talath Urui)
      The Secrets of Seregost (Agarnaith)

      6. Why is Everything so HAAAARD???
      Yep, we don’t seem to hit as hard, heal as well, or have very good mitigations. Much of that is the shadow factor. I think some of it is just intentional, and some are bugs (minnies are having a tough time, for example). Just always keep your Light of Earendil as high as you can, and try to buddy up in tough area. Change your traits … I just heard from Nachos that LM pets are much stronger than they were … so I am going to run blue for a change when I solo … be creative. Also, I found that Talath Urui is very hard because of all the dungeons and camps … so I skipped the tough areas and did Agarnaith next. It raised my Light up and I did better when I returned to Talath Urui … again, be creative.

      Have any update? please post!!

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      1. The Allegiance dailies don’t give a black key every single day as originally stated above. But very frequently.

      2. It is not necessary to complete all the Lore pages in all zones in order to finish Allegiance rep. It just helps a lot on your first toon, to get those boxes full of points.

      3. Weekly allegiance quests: reset on Monday, and you will lose the quest from the previous week, if it is still in progress. Once you take the new one, you have a set of objectives to wok on all week. Some of these will overlap with the dailies (same zones, same instance, etc). If the weekly is for instances, see Candur in Udun. Sometimes the weekly takes place on landscape (eg, roaming Scourges all over Mordor).

      4. Rare Mordor chests: Popular wisdom (cited above) was wrong imho. The items inside the chests are rarely if ever first class cap items. Your toon will benefit more by opening them as you level through each zone, while you are below cap.

      5. Meta deed: confirmed that it is needed to open dailies, along with reaching max rep with your allegiance.

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      Just wanted to say thank you for this guide, Sere! I’m not quite there yet, but soon. I can’t actually believe that after all these years my main is now about to hit max level… :-)

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