New to Kin. Sagitti.

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      I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to all. You have been so welcoming. I would also like to take the time to give a little bit about me.

      My name is Matt and I live in San Diego, CA. I am a 3D artist and will be graduating with a degree in it this February on the 23rd of 2021. My first online game was Ultima Online which I believe started in 1996 or 1997. I tried Everquest but did not stick with it. The day Dark Age of Camelot opened, I was there and would spend the next 8 years with that. In 2007 I started the beta for LOTRO but did not stick with it, I was still heavily involved with DAOC. I would come back to LOTRO in 2010 and it would become my most favorite of MMORPGs of all time.

      Eagles of Thorondor is the 4th kin that I have been in. My first kin was great albeit small; led by a husband and wife. They were great people and would fit into EoT well. Unfortunately, they left that game and the kin just broke up. The next was forgettable. I would go solo for a few years until being invited to kin which turned out to be a nightmare and be the reason I left LOTRO. I developed a close friendship with another member and we would become officers in this kin. What caused me to leave was when my friend and I logged into the officer Discord channel and interrupted our kin leader having an adult conversation with another member that we knew to be a minor. We reported this and investigated it. Our Kin leader had issues with another kin and upon investigating an officer in that kin was witness to the same thing. Because it happened on Discord, nothing could be done to his account. Out of frustration and experience, I left LOTRO in 2017. I will not divulge the names of any of those involved in this.

      My main character is Sagitti because of how easily a Warden could solo. I was once asked by a new person to LOTRO, what can a Warden do. My reply, “anything they want”. At this time I was going into areas that were a step or two above my level and Sagitti handled it with no issue. Anyway, here are my toons”

      Aspean – Hunter – 95 – Master Westment Scholar
      Bywine – Champion – 105 – Master Westment Weaponsmith.
      Cwenella – Gaurdian – 69 – Master Westment Armorer (my oldest toon)
      Feorwed – Beorning – 10 – (my youngest toon).
      Giselli – Captain – 38 – Master Westment Jeweller.
      Sagitti – Warden – 120 – Master Westment Tailor. (Main)
      Vegilrpx – Minstrel – 37 – Anorien Master Cook and Anorien Master Farmer.

      Once again, thank you for inviting me into Eagles of Thorondor.

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      Hi, Sagitti, welcome to our kinship! Your story is very interesting, but I especially zeroed in on the remarks about Ultima Online! I start there, too, around 1998/99 on Atlantic shard! I still play on a free shard even today.

      We look forward to playing alongside you in LotRO.

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      Welcome to the Eagles, Sagitti! I hope you we get to meet in game soon :).



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