New Year's Eve/Day "From the Shire to Gondor!"

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      Event report from our own Neemriel/Neemreth:

      At around ST 11pm to midnight, crazy folk on world chat decided to do a run from the Shire to Gondor…on foot. In a millipede single file style.

      So Shustir, Huskyflame, Ametrina and Derogil took up the call and joined them.

      About 30 people started but only 5 completed. We ranged from level 21 to 100. Our 21 died at the start of Dunland and Derogil died in Dunland. I died in Rohan (lvl 50 Neemreth being chased by lvl 90 baddies was not fun!). Husky had to leave as did Shus. Shus and Neemriel rejoined them and saw it to the end.

      There were so many different kins participating and lots of free spirit players too.

      Our leader was Orcguts from East Erebor Trading Company.

      Photo 1: Husky asking Neem: “We’re doing WHAT?”
      Photo 2: The conga line dancing their way through Enedwaith.

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      Hamesh (Ame)

      My connection froze in Enedwaith so that was it for me! Here is a pic of Husky and Dero sprinting from Bree South Gate.

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      Nice piccie Ame! It was so much fun.

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      Thanks for sharing Ame, also Neems that face on Husky is priceless!

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      Hamesh (Ame)

      I think Husky’s photo of disbelief might be a good entry in the screen shot competition….

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      This sounds crazy and amazing! Pity I couldn’t be there as well. What a run!! :-D

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      I can’t believe that I was online at the time and hadn’t an inkling! And, that picture of Husky is HILARIOUS!


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      It is a funny picture of him and I had no idea Husky was pulling that face until after I took it.

      Could this be a new challenge for the photo of the month? Facial expressions in Middle Earth?!

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