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      Elections for the next 6-month term of council are now open! Nomination does not guarantee an officer badge. Nominees must win the approval of at least 50% of total voters in each election. So, as an example, if thirty Eagles vote, the candidate must win at least 15 votes to get a place on the officer team. This means a candidate is running for their kinnies’ approval, rather than against each other. Kinnies vote yes/no for each candidate. Votes are completely confidential and anonymous. Voting is done in the forums.

      What might it be like to be an officer? You will be appreciated by your kinnies! You will be appreciated by the leadership team! You will have an opportunity to use and/or develop your skills in leading events, publishing announcements, helping and supporting your kinmates, and being part of a friendly, supportive, team. Are you thinking “that sounds kind of fun, and we DO have an awesome kinship, and I WOULD like to make sure that the kin lives on forever!” but you still have some questions you’d like answered? Ask an officer in game, or directly on discord. We would love to chat!

      If you’d like to nominate yourself or someone else, reply to this post with your nomination! Don’t wait until the last minute, talk to your nominee and see if they accept!

      Once you have been nominated, post a brief speech about you, why you would like to be an officer, and how you would like to serve.

      See the details of what each role entails in the reply here:

      2022 July Election Role Descriptions

      Note that if there is no candidate for leader, the council officers will co-operatively fill the leader role, and take turns being leader throughout the term.

      Your leadership council, Bregeniuk and Salnir

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      Hi, Kinnies,

      I would like to nominate Rama for an officer position. He cares about the kinship, enjoys being around and chatting with his kinnies. I think he would bring some nice qualities to the officer team.

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      Thank you for the nomination, Sere. I accept!

      It has been great talking to everyone in the Eagles and having adventures together throughout Middle Earth! I’d like to step up as an officer to help contribute to this wonderful Kinship.

      If I am approved as an officer, I plan to set up events to complete deeds and work on instances/mechanics as a group. Once I have a little more experience leading events, I hope to put together some raids.

      Thank you

      *Puts on his top hat*
      “A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything.”

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      I agree, I think Rama would be an excellent officer. He’s very active and I like how he greets everyone on kin chat!

      I think Sere did a fantastic job before as officer.

      I hope Iron continues being an officer. Same with Sal.

      I would like Breg to continue being leader, because, well….she rocks! If not, then I think Sal or Rama would be great for the job. Sere too.

      I’ve had people in kinchat ask me if I would like to be an officer, but it is not possible. I’m still recovering from a hip injury at work and cannot sit down for more than 15 minutes at a time. That would not work for kin events.

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      I nominate Bat for Council Officer. He’s been great scheduling raids and such when people need them, and is generous with his time. I think he has some hobbit sense, too. A good combo.

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      It is my privilege to nominate IronQuill, Baturalp, and Salnir to run for council officers. They have been reliable and enthusiastic officers. They are cheery, welcoming, and helpful in game, and have run a lot of kin events over the last term. They are prepared to step in as a team of council officers should no-one run for leader this term. Hoorah for Ironquill, Baturalp, and Salnir!

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        I’ll second those 3 nominations for council officers. I’ve worked with them all on runs & raids this term, and I’m confident they will be a great leadership team.

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      Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for the nominations. Rama will be a great officer as well.

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