Pela 6 man walkthrough!!

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      took me long enough right?? sheesh will be doing hd next for those who havent done it

      Here is my version of Pela 6 man… My way is not the end all be all and I am very open to suggestions to updating this so by all means let me know 

      Part one *the winch*
      When you enter the instance please do not move until the Captain has been commanded
      When we get to the winch team 1 will be on the left side and team 2 on the right
      Team 1 puts a tripwire at the door and then stacks bear traps in the center of the stairs as often as possible

      Part 2
      Ok there are several parts to this…
      The fountain… whoever does the fountain will need a barricade to place up against the door and upgrade it again lay a tripwire and put bear traps as often as possible and just kill whatever comes through that door… if you can get the ones coming down the steps then great if not then the people up front will get them

      The front will need 2 barricades placed at an angle like \ and upgrade them
      *side quests* backs to the wall needs a barricade upgraded at the door and a tripwire and bear traps halfway to the people at the end
      Pillagers… The easiest thing to do is put a trip wire at the door they come out of and just kill away
      Someone needs to remove grappling hooks before the first side quest and when the sorcerer shows up whomever is at the fountain needs to leave and come up front to kill the boss so pay attention to the messages popping up
      It’s a dps race for the bosses we must take them down in 30 seconds
      One person needs to grab barricade after all is done
      1 person needs to go upstairs and build ballistae… No upgrading just build it. It is best to wait until it’s all done so the ballistae doesn’t get damaged.

      Part 3 *finally at the end*
      Do not go past person commanding the captain
      After captain is commanded let the npcs charge forward and attack the enemy
      Run into the room with catapults and build them and upgrade armor that’s it do not shoot them
      The wall before the entry to the final room the person with barricade needs to put the barricade there for thrice horns.

      For ship slaves you have to go out the door and head straight until you see a set of stairs. You will need 2 people for this. Kill everything in sight and release the slaves as fast as you can. Preferably one melee and one ranged. Ranged kills while melee frees slaves and kills in between.
      The 4 left on the bridge should be placing bear traps on top of bear traps in the middle of the bridge. The more bear traps the faster the last boss goes down

      Your best bet is to have at least 1 or 2 vanguards and one healer to focus basically on healing your team and the soldiers… if they die you lose merit 

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      here are some pics to help

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      It’s great! Thanks so much Bonnie to have put this together and shared it with us!

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