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      Ever out in the wilds and the phone rings and you have to leave your toon unprotected? In a dense orc camp and someone is knocking on the door? Open up a random instance from the instance panel and pop inside while you are afk. It makes a handy break room. You can log out from it directly with safety, but beware when you log back in … you’ll be back in open world!

      A break room won’t work if you are already in another instance, of course. Best shot in that case is to find a river or body of water and get into the center of it.

      Safe journeys!

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      Oh, great tip, Sere! I’ve never thought of that. :)

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      This sounded a lot like you were selling something at first :D But I agree, a really good tip. Thanks :]

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      Hamesh (Ame)

      So clever, Sere! thanks!

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