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      Eagles of the World

      Hello kinnies! I’m proud to announce that I’ve already finished the first song I’ve written for the LOTRO Music System. It’s an anthem for our kinship, which combines an original theme and three famous motivs from the soundtrack of Peter Jackson’s movies. I wrote it for five instruments, but each voice can be played by any instrument (except drums, drums have no melody). I want to premiere it soon, maybe in the chicken runs of this weekend, if I set it properly with Neem :).

      You can download each part from this links.


      Only if we play all the voices at the same time, the song will sound correctly. The premiere can be quite exciting :P. I want this to be the start of a music group in our kinship. What do you think?

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      Woohoo! Thank you Alassen! There’s a way to play in sync, each member in the band does /play filename sync and then the band leader (that would be you) does /playstart.

      I found this in the LotTRO wiki.

      I’ve got an Clarinet, so if I can play that I’d love to join the group! :)

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      That’s AWESOME!

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      I would love to join in. I will not be available from the 1st to the 16th August as I am on holiday. When I come back I will have a job catching up with the notes but after that ….. :)

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      Cool, Ala! I know nothing about playing instruments in-game and can often not hear them (still haven’t figured that out), so I should probably pass on this. But, thank you so much for putting this together!



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