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      Our calendar (found here on this website) usually lists more details about an event than we can fit into an in-game mail, so it’s a good idea to check up events on the calendar itself.

      For convenience, you can link our calendar to your own google calendar! Just check in the lower right hand corner of the calendar and click the big plus (+) mark. Then on your google calendar, make sure on the left side you have Eagles Events selected to show up (and of course you can click it on and off if you need a less busy screen).

      If you don’t use google calendar, imho it is useful to set one up just for events, because with the google version you can:
      1. Page forward and backward month to month and see history, or peek ahead.
      2. Copy an Eagles entry “to your main calendar” and then set up popup or email alarms so you don’t miss a thing.

      Let us know if you need help setting up.

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