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      Hey all,

      If anyone is interested in learning to raid, or if you like to run raids but don’t necessarily have the stats and gear to be comfortable with some raids, etc., Rare Breed has announced that it will start doing events called “Raiding with RB”. Some info is below. :)

      Excerpt from the original post:
      No experience with raiding is required
      No minimum gear requirements
      All raids will be Tier 1 – if the group feels confident we will move to T2
      All times are always posted as server time (Eastern Standard Time)
      No judgement to be made of others; however, if you would like input on gear/skills/etc. feel free to ask
      No sign ups required. The event will be advertised in World Chat and spaces filled accordingly.
      Team Speak would be a bonus (d/l for free)
      Each week the raid and time will be posted on the Rare Breed Calendar and the LOTRO Community Calendar.

      Full post is here:

      New To Raiding? Want to Try? from lotro

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