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      Hello Eagles,

      The Council has had time to look over and analyze the results of the recent Eagles survey so we’re ready to release the results of the survey. Here they are!

      Have you attended/participated in kinship activities in the past?
      yes 23
      no 0

      Are you interested in attending future kinship events?
      yes 23
      no 0

      What type of events would you like the Eagles to organize on a regular basis?
      social events 16
      end-game raids/skirms 18
      lower level raids/skirms 17

      If you have attended kinship activities in the past, which ones were your favorites?
      social events 13
      lower level raids 14
      lower level skirms 9
      PvP 2
      Roving Threats 11
      Big Battles 12

      ST -1 1
      ST -3 2
      ST -5 1
      ST -6 1
      ST 8
      ST +2 1
      ST +5 2
      ST +6 2
      ST +8 3

      Using Server Time, please tell us what days and times work best for you.

      Well i just to be a regular, but since i have started my classes have been busy, i usually can come on anytime do’t have a specific time!
      “Saturdays and Sundays after 2 ST. During the week I’m on at different times and not every day. ”
      Saturday: 8:00 am-12:00 noon ST and 2:00 pm-4:30 pm ST , Sunday: 8:00 am-12:00 noon ST
      Evenings (ST+6).
      8pm – 3am
      7pm-10pm weekdays, some saturdays and sundays
      anyday – before 7PM ST
      Tues/Weds (sometimes) 1pm-2.30pm; weekends 10am-5pm
      Friday Saturday 6pmST and later
      st 6pm-10pm fri or sat
      Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
      8:00 – 10:00 ST
      Most evenings after 8 ST. Some weekends after 2 ST
      3pm to 8pm
      ST 10 am to about 3 pm. Any day of the week.
      weekday evenings after 1900; weekend afternoons & evenings
      Sat/Su 3-5
      Weekday evenings

      Did you know that the Eagles of Thorondor is a part of an alliance which has its own chat channel?
      yes 23

      Any suggestions for how the Eagles can help you or improve as a kinship?
      lots of “no, we’re great as it is” responses, two to highlight
      Overall I really appreciate the positive tone within the kinship as well as the effort being put into organizing runs/events/etc!
      Schedule 12 man raids, instances, have a minimum age requirement of 18 to join the kin, schedule activities in the evenings, instead of weekend afternoons.


      Do you have a preference for session type?
      short sessions 15
      long 8
      easy 8
      challenging 14
      series of sessions in order (eg: Helegrod) 10
      training or practice sessions 11
      no preference/all 2

      For what levels would you like these events to be organised?
      20-29 3
      30-39 4
      40-49 5
      50-59 9
      60-69 7
      70-79 6
      80-89 4
      90-100 18

      What kinds of events would you like to run with our allies?
      short sessions 14
      long 8
      easy 8
      challenging 11
      series of sessions in order (eg: Helegrod) 9
      training or practice sessions 8
      all/as many as possible 2
      Great Barrows 1
      RT/WBs 1

      What do you prefer to be kinship-specific?
      short sessions 6
      long 8
      easy 6
      challenging 8
      series of sessions in order (eg: Helegrod) 7
      training or practice sessions 14
      any/all 2
      no preference 2

      Do you feel there are enough interested kinmembers to do runs when you’re logged in?
      yes 11
      no 11


      Are you interested in attending social events and activities?
      yes 20
      no 2

      If so, what kinds of social events/activities would you like to see?
      holiday parties 15
      races and games 11
      concerts 11
      freeze tag 5
      marches 10
      chicken runs 12
      escort a lowbie to… (we didn’t put this, but several people added this in ‘other’) 5
      none 1

      Would you like to invite allies and friends to:
      some 11
      all 8
      few 3

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