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      I didn’t think to get any screenshots (fail!), but we had a pretty good turn-out for our first riddle game/hide and seek thing. Thanks to all of the kinnies (and allies!) who came out and partied with me. :)

      Theme: Adventures of the Bagginses
      1. look for me near stones three; come at dawn so they won’t see [Stone Trolls’ Glade, Trollshaws]
      2. look for me near Forest’s edge, where a Baggins bought a home (surrounded by a hedge) [Crickhollow, Buckland]
      3. look for me where Fire speaks and elves sing [Hall of Fire, Rivendell]
      4. look for me in the beginning at the End [just inside Bag End, Hobbiton]
      5. look for me, i Watch for you [Gates of Moria]

      Lots of ale, pipeweed, fireworks, and food were distributed and one of our allies, Iseira, took home the grand prize pack.

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      This was so fun, Aglar!


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