Roving Threats of the Wastes

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      I have found that running the Wastes RT’s every day on at least one alt is a great way to increase Host of the West reputation, while gathering some of those new resources, with the occasional bonus of a solvent or an essence box, or even some orc heads on a pike! So, to help out the newcomers, and the shy folks, here is what to expect.

      In general:
      1. If you are melee, expect to die at least once. Maybe more. Don’t get bummed out.
      2. Some pugs are super efficient. Some are a mess. They all get the job done, though, so put your sense of humor in gear in when you join.
      3. The groups can move fast. Don’t fall behind. They often don’t do a ready check for every mob. If you are behind, you may miss it completely.
      4. If you die, stay there. Trying to run back from the rally circle is a sure way to miss getting credit. You’ll get credit even while defeated, and no one is going to wait for you to run back.
      5. Stay mounted as much as possible. Seriously.
      6. Take Level 110 yellow pots with you. You need them for two bosses or you will die, die, die, even after the boss is down.
      7. Kill the boss’ allies as quick as possible to remove the boss’ shield of protection.
      8. There are five RT’s and seven possible locations. So, these go fast (no hunting around for them). You can do a full set in about 20 minutes.
      9. Go into your options and set up to accept all Automatic Quests to avoid fumbling around and missing credit. These auto-bestow when you are in range. If you don’t get the pop-up, dollars to doughnuts that you already have it in your quest log.

      The Threats:
      1. Marzagurud the Troll: Whew, boy, this one is the hardest. It’s a rare group that doesn’t have three to six deaths. Here’s the deal: he has a vicious AOE attack that will one shot you (unless you are Last Stand). It has a wide range. He has to stand still and do a huffing, fist pumping motion, then whammo. You don’t have time to run out. This is why the melee dies. Stay mounted, sweep by, hit him, keep going. Turn around, sweep back. Ranged can be on foot if they are waaaay back. Don’t like mounted combat? Well, this is how effective it is here: my entire raid of 13 other people were dead and my hunter finished it for them by running the troll and shooting him for his last 350k. Yep, a mounted hunter.

      2. Tumoz the Flame: Big flamey drake. You can fight him on foot. Basic tank and spank scenario.

      3. Dorthanir: Oathbreaker dude. He’ll put a fear on you make you run, but it won’t kill you. You can fight him on foot. No big whoop.

      4. Gaergarch the Thirsty: Spider. This one might kill you. You can tank and spank on foot. If you get a yellow debuff on you (and a green eye over your head), take a yellow pot, and if that doesn’t do it, then use your debuff removal skill. And if that doesn’t do it, hope you live til those cool down so you can try again. ‘Cause when it expires, it kills ya daid. You can get this nasty bite even at range, so watch yourself.

      5. Ephalzor: Corsair with Numenorean entourage. He will also put an eye and yellow kill-debuff on you. You can pass it on to people standing around you, too. Cure it, get away. Flee anyone you see coming at you with it. Pots, removal skills are important. The entourage is also unusually lethal, take them seriously. This one also boasts many deaths, especially if you have to fight it in the high pass of Lang Rhuven where you have to stand to close to them all.

      Okay, I’ve seen a ton of silly stuff doing this multiple times a day for several weeks. So, let me suggest:
      1. If you have a rez skill, use it. You wouldn’t believe how many times I have seen a minnie or two just ride off while one lone loremaster trudges through rezzing 10 people one at a time.
      2. Get to the starting point as soon as you join the raid. The starting point is at the south end of the marshes. Don’t ask anyone to go back and get one that you missed because you were late. Do it the next day in another group.
      3. Debuff the boss, or buff your fellows. Cappy banners, oathbreakers, Loremaster debuffs, it all helps. I take my cappy in yellow just so she can combat rez!
      4. Use your words: sometimes the group needs a person or two to be vocal.
      5. Don’t be the one to start combat unless you are the leader.

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      Thanks – great help to have this guide. I thought I was doing something wrong because I kept dying.

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      Thank you, Sere :-). This is very helpful.

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