Saed and Luri's Scary Skirms!


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      We ended up doing three runs (Storm on Methedras; Thievery and Mischief; Trouble in Tuckborough), at varying levels.

      Our first one was at 39 and we had Alkanet join us.

      The second was at 69 with Nidalal.

      And our final was at level 100. We had only 5 in the group for Storm (Maeds, Pops and Sans), it was a bit of a challenge, but we over came. Trouble in Tuckborough was even tough and that was with Alarondir (making up our 6th member).

      I hope everyone had fun, we certainly did. We learnt a lot and look forwards to doing another run!

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      I had a great time thanks. Those were nice runs and I could maybe do them again without getting lost :)

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      Now that I’ve become totally hooked on skirms, I’ve also become interested in the cosmetics side. I’ve just kitted out my archer as a elf maiden! I wanted to call her Arwen, but LotRO said “no” :(

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