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      Hail Eagles!

      Saed and Luri, after keeping a low profile for a while, have decided to resurrect our Saturday events. The plan is to allow mid-level characters to gain experience and confidence in playing as a team, and generally help out in areas where it can be tricky, especially if you usually play solo. So there’ll be skirmishes/raids/instances, quest help, deed runs, plus some fun events where everyone can join in. And, since we’re in the UK, these will all happen in a Euro-friendly timezone.

      We’re kicking off this Saturday with a nice easy one: a trio of skirmishes for all levels.

      WHEN: Saturday 3rd September, 3-5pm ST
      WHERE: Anywhere, you’ll be summoned to the skirmish
      WHAT: Any/all of Storm on Methedras, Thievery and Mischief, Trouble in Tuckborough (Tuckborough can be challenging at higher levels, but the other two are quite quick and straightforward. All of them allow you to practise Fellowship Manoeuvres should you wish to. Feel free to use the opportunity to practise a new skill or try out a different trait tree.)
      PRE-REQS: you must have completed the second round of skirmish training. Check the instance finder to see if you’re eligible to do these instances
      NOTES: We’re level 100, so that’s the highest level we’ll be running these at. We’ll be using TeamSpeak. If you can listen, even if you don’t want to/can’t talk, it would be helpful.

      After this event we’ll be hosting a Saturday Special on a more regular basis. We’ll set up a quick poll on the forums so y’all can choose what kind of event you want the following week.

      See you Saturday!

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      Yay! Looking forward to the triumphant return of the Saturday Special. :)

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      Thanks to everyone who joined us on Saturday for 90 minutes of hair-raising adventure.

      We mostly aced Storm on Methedras with copious use of emblems at each stage, but Tuckborough saw Mr SpinnyBlades wipe out one after another of the team. Thanks to Cellaphant for swapping to heals and Cassandria for keeping kinnies safe. I got lots of practice rezzing, when I wasn’t dying myself.

      Still, it was plenty of fun and we all learned something.
      Use your emblems!
      Run from spinny-blades man!
      Maybe not do a 12-man raid with only 7 people?

      Luri is plotting what to do next time we venture out on a Saturday Special. See you then!

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