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      Hi Kinnies!

      In case you haven’t seen the in-game mail yet…we’re doing a Secret Santa!

      Now – Dec 5: Sign-ups! Any kinnies who wish to participate should send me a message with the name of the toon with which they will participate.
      Dec 6: I’ll draw names and send you a name. Start gift hunting!
      Dec 19: Time TBD. Party at the Eagles kinhouse. Send your gifts to me before the party and I’ll distribute them to their designated recipients. If you can’t attend, your gift will be sent by mail. We’ll have food, drinks, music, etc. :)

      Gifts don’t need to cost much…or anything, really. :) Maybe upgraded equipment or a new weapon for a lower level member. Higher level toons might like new jewelry, cosmetics, or housing decs. Get creative and come up with something fun!

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