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      Hello all,

      Found a few good websites linked to slotted armour, when you reach level 100.


      It’s important to do the dailies to earn the reputation, but it’s also important to run the training exercises to get the gold tokens for the armour.

      The library’s hardest part, for me anyway, was getting to the library door without dying. It’s best to jump on your steed and ride direct to the door and as you ride, to open the door so you can go straight through.

      The Swan Knights training is my fave though.

      Save up the gold tokens for the slotted armour based on: light, medium and heavy. You’ll need to find those armourer vendors/barterers who are surrounding the main fountain.

      Then your next task will be looking at which essences to slot.Think about it carefully before slotting. I asked my mini friends if I could inspect them to see their essence/armour build, so I could do mine.


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