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      Hi Guiv and all others I cut off so rudely.

      Sorry I had to cut and run last night. The cook, also known as my husband, was getting impatient as I had delayed supper.

      I wanted to find the last ruin in the Trollshaws, Trapdoor Lair. I had spent over an hour trying to find all the other places. The ones around the gorge are difficult to find especially as I couldn’t remember where the bridge was. I was right up in the area for the Trapdoor Lair and found a door. I thought this must be it, very excited! I went in and it turned out to be a cave with some very big trolls who weren’t fooled by stealth.

      I died and resurrected at my milestone place in Ita-Ma, Forochel. So I will be needing to do that journey again, avoiding the door this time :)

      I love Middle Earth – never ceases to surprise me !


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