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      • We’re changing the electoral term from 6 months to 12 months.
      • We’re introducing a 6-month ‘break clause’ for officers who can’t commit for the whole 12 months.
      • We’re doing it because we think it helps with continuity of the work behind the scenes.
      • We’re bringing back the multi-tier system for officers and changing officer duties.

      The Eagles were founded in early 2013 (more details here). By late 2013 we realised we needed to introduce some structure into the way the kinship was managed. A handful of regular players created the Council, which comprised the leader and four officers. We carried on like that for a while before a second realisation hit: we needed to introduce some basic democracy and allow the kin to choose who would be in this leadership group.

      Since then, we’ve held elections every 6 months. Each election term there have been adjustments to the rules of how the leadership group functions, based on what did or didn’t work in the previous term. We’ve both increased and then decreased the requirements and duties of officers. We introduced two levels of officer – the council offers and in-game officers – and then merged them back to one level.

      The 6-month term is intended to minimise the impact on the individuals who take on these roles. When we first started there was much to do. Setting up the website and forums, developing our ethos and code of conduct, creating committees and task forces – all the while trying to figure out what we wanted the Eagles to be. With much of that work now complete, we’d like to consider changing the election and leadership group rules again.

      12 MONTH TERM
      We’d like to propose that elections take place once a year with a 6-month break clause. That means that all members of the leadership group have the opportunity to step down after 6-months. As usual, if life circumstances change and an officer can’t commit the time to the Eagles then we will treat that as we always do – with as much support as we can.

      If, at the appointed 6-month break, we find we’re short of officers, we’ll run a mini-election to fill those gaps.

      It’s become clear that we have a handful of kinmembers who are happy to help out in-game but can’t commit to the full requirements for an officer. We think these are good people to have around. They complete the numbers in group runs, help out newbies, and can recruit players to the kinship. We’d like to introduce a new tier of officerdom which Luri has dubbed ‘The Watchers’. (You’ve all done the Watcher of Roads deed, right?) There are no formal requirements for this role, but we’ll write some guidance for those considering putting their names forward for this role, and post that soon.

      We’ll continue with the standard Officer role, and a number of officers will be invited to join the Council. Those officers who join the Council are there to help make decisions regarding the future of the kinship, should we need to.

      We’re trying to make things easier. If you think we’ve overlooked something or you have anything you’d like to say, feel free to contact any of the Council in-game, via private message on the forum or via email. (

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