Speed Leveling a New Set of Legendaries

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      For those considering making new legendaries for a raid, here are my tips. It seems like a lot of work, but if you start early it will go faster. And consider that even a legendary at half power, if it has legacies for the tree you will run with, might be much, much better than a fully developed legendary for a completely different tree! I.e., perfection is not necessarily required.

      Phase I
      Get a first ager and use xp runes to get it through its first three reforges, at which point you can see what you have to change out.

      Consult online (Dadi’s guides are generally good) or with kin to find out the optimal legacies for the trait tree you are working on.

      Don’t worry so much about leveling the first ager for a while. Instead, start leveling 3rd ages to level 30 in order to see if you can break out the needed legacies. If you go to 31 you will get a bigger xp ball, but I was too impatient to do that! Put the xp rune on the next third ager, take it to 30 again, rinse and repeat until you have the build you want. Do ONE at a time. Keep in mind that you cannot pull a legacy off below level 30, so don’t do what I did and get all excited about that great legacy that appeared at level 20 and break the item too soon.

      Get one extra legacy and set it aside for that last empty slot you can get from a crystal of remembrance.

      Crystals of remembrance: don’t despair. You will eventually get one from a lootbox, daily hobbit box or quest (check wiki to see which ones award them). You can add it after imbuement, so just set aside that extra legacy for that happy day that you can add it.

      Note: If you have any scrolls of imbued legacy replacement, you can imbue before you do the entire build and add some legacies after you imbue. There is a list online of quests that the scrolls, and you may not have done them yet. Check this early on. If you cannot get them from quests, it is unlikely you will get one at all, and must do the build from third agers.

      Again, don’t despair: I acquired several legacies in a two day period to fufill two legendaries. It can be done quickly.

      You do NOT have to get all your legacies to rank 6 before you imbue, but you may want to do that while you are building, just for entertainment.

      If you need scrolls of delving, you can barter at skirmish camps and in some towns such as Dol Amroth. Scrolls of empowerment are also available in skirm camps but it will get pricey if you try to do all of them that way.

      Phase II
      Now, having your legacies, you can settle into putting xp into the legendaries.

      Something to consider:
      Once something is imbued, the xp goes equally to all legacies. You may wish to scroll up some legacies higher than others and let them develop faster. If so, just don’t add all the scrolls equally. Think about what you want to have operational extra early. Also, consider that you can swap your legendaries during battle by putting them on your tool bar.

      Example: For my burg, I am opting to level up Reveal Weakness and Addle before the others. I am also opting to build a strong set of tools for yellow line before I let the yellow line weapon take any xp at all. I will use my old weapon during fights, but might do a momentary swap to use certain skills. I am not even worrying about DPS value on the weapon til I settle the other items, but that is because I am not building a DPS toon in yellow line. Consider what you need first.

      Now, on to the xp runes. Here are some sources that I have found handy.
      1. Dol Amroth training dailies, run one time per alt toon. With 20 silver tokens, I am getting 569,500 xp runes, often in just one run. Sometimes I am short one or two but make it up next day. They are not bound, so all alts mail them over to the burg. Also, the other tokens can be bartered for silver, so that increases the take. Gold tokens cannot be exchanged, though. It takes about five to eight minutes to run the Armoury training. That’s a LOT of xp for minimal time, and the best return on time investment of any of these techniques. One rune gives your legacies several levels. Using a couple of alts and pulling over a million xp per day ain’t bad.

      2. Skirmishes: just do tier 1, as all mob kills gives same xp regardles of tier and you can pull tier 1 off super fast. Get friends to help speed it up for you. Very good total xp by end of skirm.

      3. Dailies quests in Northlands are pretty good and you can work on keys. You can also get your rep to kindred so you can barter for armour. So, that’s a good multi tasking.

      4. Task items: even the throwaway items in Dol Amroth and Minas Tirith can be turned in for xp, even if you finished those reps. Don’t vendor anything. It adds up.

      5. Xp from Minas Tirith North gate, South gate and Cisterns (below)

      6. Give each alt a third ager so they can collect xp from their normal questing, and eventually pass them over for the legendary you are working on. Waste nothing!

      7. And of course: skirmish camp barter. If you have amassed a good pile of marks, this might be a good thing to invest them in.

      While you are doing the above, work on scrolls.
      1. Daily FI’s … drops, hard to tell what you will get
      2. Minas Tirith North gate, South gate and Cisterns — North gate plus Culling quests get you three scrolls a day and can be run very fast. North gate is next best, but you have to barter the tokens to get smith tokens to get scrolls so you lose a very little, still it gets you there. Same for cisterns.
      3. Court of Seregost drops some scrolls randomly.

      Last but not least: Star Lit Crystals to open up new levels.
      Really, don’t despair, you can get a lot from big battle Stars of Merit. The Deeping Coomb can be run without you on screen, so do that every day, on multiple toons if you can. It will add up, keep going. Don’t even think of spending those stars on anything but crystals.
      You can barter for crystals at festivals. I have found that the very fastest way to get every crystal you need is in the Farmer’s Faire festival, where you can run the mushroom and egg hunts every few minutes. I’ve gotten over 200 crystals at each faire for two years running. Ask me about it if you having trouble running those, and I’ll share tips. Do NOT miss your chance, it comes once a year. At the least, get your crystals and hoard them. Note: they are bound to toon, not to account.

      Last word of advice: Start doing some of this and hoarding items NOW! Doing it all in a week is pretty brutal.

      I’ll add more as I go. The trick is to find under level things you can do very fast. Maybe Moria chests next. Tally ho!!!!

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      nice article Sere, did the coombs earlier today.

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      Adding a suggestion on earning crystals.

      Breg and I have recently run a couple of Hammer of the Underworld runs on toons that had not gotten platinum on quests or the battle. We platted the entire runs and I got 170 stars per run. Given that crystals cost 300 stars, you can see how you can crank up your ability to barter them pretty quick. The trick is to find epic battle where you do not have a lot of platinum medals already, as you get fewer rewards if you are just repeating past performance. If you have platted too many on your cap toons, consider that you can take lowbie toons through with someone who can pretty much ace the battle. I am not sure if lowbies get the same number of stars; I suspect the return might be a little lower, but for sure you’ll garner a lot of promotion points!

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