Taking the Hobbits to Isengard – Saturday 6th of December at 3PM Server Time

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      A rider from Rivendell came to the kinship house early this morning bearing a message, and precious cargo. Her message was from Lord Elrond, beseeching our kinship and allies to take the hobbits who had accompanied the rider, to Isengard. Apparently the last hobbits that were sent to Saruman were faulty.


      Turbine ran a contest to see who could get a level ten hobbit (on follow) to Isengard in one piece and in the fastest time (incidentally this record is held by Eldar server at 46m 6s and 0 deaths).

      We’ve decided to run the challenge for those who missed it the first time around.

      There’s more information about the event that inspired us at this lotro forum link.

      Also Taking the Hobbits to Isengard is a massive meme.

      Join Us!

      All are welcome. If you’re in an alliance kinship and there’s enough of you (at least two of you including the level ten hobbit) please feel free to race against us.

      In the event there’s not enough in our alliances, we’ll absorb them into our own raid group.

      We set off at the Prancing Pony at 3PM server time this coming Saturday (the 6th). So please arrive early so you can be added to the raid group.

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      Any level requirements for this one, please?

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      Hi Maed – no level (or expansion pack) requirements, although it may get harder for some players if they’ve never been to Dunland.

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      That would be me ;-)

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        That’s ok, we’ll all be there to protect you. Join us! It’ll be fun!

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