Third Age = First Age Legendary? Who knew!

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      Hamesh (Ame)

      Our kinmate Rivornor brought this info to my attention and wanted to share it with the kin. I understand there’s also been some discussions in kin chat about the topic.

      After imbuement, a fully maxed third age weapon will be equal to a first age weapon. Rivornor discovered this for herself when comparing a maxed third age to a maxed first age. She was very disappointed to see that her new First Age was no better than her maxed third age, especially after spending the resources to max both of them!

      It will take more crystals and scrolls to max out a third age, compared to a first age. As Seremond says, ‘if you think of the imbued item as a staircase, you start going up the stairs at the bottom floor with a third age. if you have a first age, you get to start at the mezzanine.’

      Has anyone else had experience with this issue?

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      This is very helpful. :P

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