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      Hey, folks. “Acolyte of the Necromancer” presents some problems for some classes, and the defeats are such a pain because it pops you way out on other side of the forest and you have to fight your back to the npc for the instance! Here are some tips I have learned that make it very easy to run.

      1. When you go in with Oroniel, click the ring to start the instance and then run forward and OFF that dais, and put your back into the corner on the right (or left, if you prefer to start there). This way, you will get one spirit instead of both. When ready, pull the second one. If you are melee this might be trickier since you have to run toward it and it doesn’t follow too well, just do your best to kill it and get back into a corner pronto. the corners are important to keep the other mob from seeing you before you are ready. I’ve tried standing in other places, and they aren’t very reliable. You can run to other side, grab it and kill it and use that corner on that side. Then, you get only one armourer at a time, in same pattern.

      2. The armourers are the bad news here, so you really only want one at a time. If you use any kind of fire damage, they will reflect very heavily on you. Don’t use fire oils or fire skills (read your tool tips to make sure you understand which ones are fire based, as it might surprise you). This was my big problem with my hunter recently. Once I dropped the fire oil, he killed them fast (if you have fire oil on your weapon, you can remove it by consuming a light oil; I don’t think the light does much damage but it does get that fire removed). Also, use all your stun skills. Fears don’t affect them.

      3. And then get back in the corner and wait for the boss necromancer to finish his talk, and use the non-combat time to heal up and cool down skills. Fears don’t work on him, but stuns do, so plan to roll those out in succession. Cool them all down before you attack him.

      4. Finally, if you are still having trouble, don’t forget that you can spend some destiny points for extra mitigations, dps, etc!


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