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      Quick guide for people wondering how to open the 6-man dailies in the Wastes. The below is the fast-track path to unlocks. Any quests that I don’t name below are not essential; take them, but don’t worry if you can’t fulfill them as the group moves on. I recommend getting your unlocks very early and then settling in to all the other regional content. In this way, you can take advantage of PUGs at any time.

      1. No need to do any of the starter quests from the first Camp. Go straight out to the Slag Hills milestone.

      2. Pick up the quest that asks you to kill 20 enemies (quest: “The Slag Hills”). Kill slugs, orcs, trolls etc in the area. Turn in at the milestone.

      3. Pick up the first of three LR quests. You will need to be in a fellowship to do these. Mobs are plentiful, have a lot of morale and respawn very, very fast. A raid size if better.

      4. Get in a group and rescue a horse to complete the quest “Lang Rhuven: The Escape”.

      5. Leave and go back to the milestone and turn that in. You will then get the next set of 3 LR quests:

      6. Go back in and do the quest called “Lang Rhuvan: the War Party” from the second tier. You will have accepted ALL quests for second tier, but won’t worry about doing the others unless it is convenient.

      7. Return one last time to the milestone camp and take another set of 3 LR quests. From this batch, you must complete “Lang Rhuvan: War Leaders”.

      Okay, so you survived LR!! You aren’t done yet!

      8. You’ve just turned in War Leaders. Now you are seeing four more quests: two inside the public version of Skoironk and two inside the public version of Tower of Teeth. These are the Required Quests for Unlock: Overseers (in SKO) and Sorcerers (in TOT).

      9. You aren’t in the instances yet! You will go to the physical instance of each tower and enter the public version. In SKO, you will go inside one of the huge gates that you have to break through. In TOT, you will go all the way to the west end of the instance. In both places, once you are fighting your first required mob, you can stay in that camp and let it respawn (it’s fast) and just repeat til done.

      10. Turn in at milestone camp. Woot! The 6 man instances are OPEN!!! They are timed for 1 hour each, so do not take them until you are in a group AND your group leader tells you it is okay to take them. Everyone has to start at the same time, or you could to fail the run because it times out on you.

      Grats, enjoy your 6-man run. Oh, and don’t forget to take one lockpick for each run so you can open the last chest.

      (Note on solo version: not really worth it, in my opinion. Too long and no sigils drop. The final chest isn’t so great, either. Give it a whirl if you have a lot of lockpicks and time).

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